Women in Sake Project launch! Interview with Fumiko Shintani, Master Brewer 新プロジェクト。新谷文子杜氏をインタビューさせて頂きました。

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020
Highliting Women Working with Sake and their Achievements & Contributions to Sake
Interview with Fumiko Shintani, Toji - Master Brewer, Shintani Brewery, Yamaguchi  

Link below to the Interview:


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SSI30周年記念事業セミナー講師紹介に載せて頂きました Listed as Sake Service Institute 30th Anniversary Official Lecturer

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020


Happy to be listed as as Official Lecturer for the Sake Service Institute's 30th Anniversary celebration.  SSI is the Sake Education authority in Japan, most known as the certifying body for Sake Sommeliers (Kikizakeshi).  






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Featured in the Face Yoga Association CEO Blog (Japan)/ 顔ヨガ事務所社長ブログがフィーチャーして下さいました

Uncategorized May 15, 2020



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New Project: Enjoy Sake & Shochu at Home: 日本酒学講師から発信!日本酒&本格焼酎応援プロジェクト

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020


NEW PROJECT: DRINK MORE SAKE AT HOME!  As we all know, it's a difficult & crazy time right now globally. Here is a new project in support of the Sake Industry - particularly hard hit due to the dramatic decrease in Sake consumption, with culinary outlets closed now for weeks globally. (That is where majority of 'normal' Sake purchases take place).

Traditionally, Sake is brewed in the Winter, and Spring is when the new production is completed and shared, coinciding with the start of Japan's new academic and fiscal year, involving lots of celebrations, naturally with Sake! This year, unfortunately, is different. Decrease in Sake consumption directly affects rice farmers and brewery employment and sustainability...

So! It's time to drink more Sake at home! This new page is a compilation of recommendations by SSI-certified Sake Lecturers (日本酒学講師) with some Sake info tidbits...

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New Online Face Yoga Classes recommended by the Face Yoga Association (Japan)

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020


New Line-up of Online Face Yoga lessons by Advanced Face Yoga Instructors on the Face Yoga Association (Japan) Website, including mine Link below.


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