Interviewed on Sake Times! サケタイムズにインタビューをして頂きました

Jul 16, 2021

サケ・タイムズにインタビューして頂きました I'm honored to be interviewed by The Sake Times 記事はこちらから:Full Article link is here



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Appointed as Doburoku Ambassador|どぶろくアンバサダー就任!

Jul 13, 2021

どぶろくアンバサダー就任I'm deeply honored & excited to be appointed as 'Doburoku Ambassador' together with 4 other fabulous Sake Industry friends/stars: Swipe

Norie Asano @viva.nonno
Justin Potts @alcorfx
Sake Comedian Duo @asayan64 & @kazuaki_kitai

We're on a mission to share the beauty of Doburoku! On this auspicious day in Japan, July 4, the brand new, one-stop Doburoku appreciation movement/portal (Dobu Love!) has just gone live/launched!

So, you might ask. What exactly is Doburoku!?

Well, it's the origins of Sake. It's now time to acknowledge the cultural and historical significance of this ancient form of Sake, which has often been forgotten or ignored.

Interestingly, it's currently not legally classified as Sake under Japanese Sake Law (because the brew is completely unfiltered - not to be confused with 'unfiltered Sake' because those were actually coarsely filtered)

Doburoku is incredibly delicious! And has so much nutritional value, as well...

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Virtual Sake Education Workshop for Harvard Business School, Asian American Business Association

Apr 01, 2021

Behind the scenes! Virtual Sake Education Workshop for Harvard Business School, Asian American Business Association.

Thank you and Kampai!

Grateful for such opportunities to bring what I normally do in-person, online. (Though it's not super simple...!) Figuring out as a new entrepreneur!


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Virtual Sake Workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Japan Program

Feb 07, 2021

米国名門大学ての日本酒講座 My first-ever Live, Virtual Sake Workshop! With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Japan Program!

Have you tried what you normally do online?! Trying something new is nerve-wrecking at first, but fun!

What an honour to get to do my first-ever Virtual Workshop with such a fabulous group of brilliant, diverse, open-minded people!

The Sake industry in Japan is hard hit by the pandemic. Even before that, it's been sad (for me!) how appreciation for the craft has been continuously declining.

In fact, domestic consumption is roughly 1/3 of what it used to be 50 years ago, and hundred-year-old historical breweries are having to shut down one after another. (Though there is a small Sake renaissance too!)

Time to appreciate Sake! And time to explore new avenues for Sake appreciation! Thank you & Kampai!

初めてのライフ・ストリームての日本酒講座は、信しかたい事に米国の超難関名門大学・マサチューセッツ 工科大学(通称MIT)。


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Polish SSI Sake Navigators born @ Polish Vodka Museum ポーランドで日本酒ナビゲーター認定 ウオッカ博物館

Oct 22, 2020

ホーラント・日本酒ナヒケーター認定First batch of SSI-Certified Sake Navigators born in Poland! At the Polish Vodka Museum.

Honoured to get to certify such fantastic Vodka professionals, and witness Sake love and interest in Warsaw. Certificates arrived from Tokyo safe and sound. (Plastic ID card-style + Paper Certificate). Excitement & Happiness! PS: Expecting the second batch for another great group at the Sake Festival to arrive soon too...!

世界初のウオッカ博物館の皆様をSSI日本酒ナヒケーター認定させて頂き、本当に光栄てす。ホーラントの方の日本酒への興味と愛を身近に拝見てきてこの上なく幸せてす日本から認定書が届きました。*SSI:日本酒サーヒス研究会・酒匠研究会連合会(Sake Service Institute/SSI)

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SSI Website: Sake Navigators Certified in Poland! 日本酒サービス研究会・酒匠研究会連合会(SSI)のウエブサイトに日本酒ナビゲーター認定講座の記事・掲載

Oct 16, 2020

SSI Website


10月3日(土)にワルシャワ(ポーランド)の日本館で開催されたポーランド初の「日本酒祭り」 において、「SSI 30周年記念事業3000人の日本酒を味わいたい方に、日本酒の楽しみ方を、つなぐ。日本の酒は知るほど、おいしくなる!日本酒の楽しみ方セミナー」の一環として、日本酒講座(英語)が開催されました。講師は、日本酒学講師、唎酒師のハッセー更香さん。



講師名:ハッセー更香 さん(
Nowogrodzka 47a, 00-695 Warszawa




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Poland's first ever Sake Festival coming up! ポーランド初の日本酒祭りが10月3日開催されます。

Sep 24, 2020

ホーラント初の「ワルシャワ日本酒祭り」 Poland's first ever Warsaw Sake Festival is happening on October 3 at Nipponkan! Free Flow of Craft Sake by Hiko Sake. I'll be holding a 2-Hour Sake Master Class (6 Seats remaining). There will also be free 30 minute-Sake & Shochu seminars by premium Sake importers with Polish translations! 

Details here

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Featured on the Sake Service Institute, Japan website 日本酒サービス研究会・酒匠研究会連合会(SSI)さま掲載

Sep 02, 2020

The Sake Service Institute, Japan, has kindly featured our recent Sake Education Workshop at the Polish Vodka Museum. More exciting plans in the pipeline!



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Sake Education Workshop at the Polish Vodka Museum!世界初のウオッカ博物館で日本酒講座・開催(ワルシャワ)

Aug 20, 2020

世界初のウオッカ博物館て日本酒講座・Sake Education Workshop at the world's first Vodka Museum. With the fabulous team of Vodka professionals at the Museum's Vodka Academy Bar! Our love and mutual respect for our national craft united us!

The elegant, curved Vodka tasting glasses were actually perfect for Sake tasting... Some fun Sake pairing ideas with Polish cuisine :) Herrings, Tartar, Pork knuckles, Pierogies.

All participants passed the Exam, and will be certified by the Sake Service Institute in Japan as Sake Navigators! I believe amongst the first in Poland. Bravo!

More fun ideas brewing to share Vodka & Sake love! Very thankful.

Polish Vodka Museum:





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Women in Sake Project launch! Interview with Fumiko Shintani, Master Brewer 新プロジェクト。新谷文子杜氏をインタビューさせて頂きました。

Jun 18, 2020
Highliting Women Working with Sake and their Achievements & Contributions to Sake
Interview with Fumiko Shintani, Toji - Master Brewer, Shintani Brewery, Yamaguchi  

Link below to the Interview:

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