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Go from exhausted & hungover to uplifted & bright!


A unique, step-by-step, holistic program to empower you with the tools to enjoy your drinks, feel well, and look well.


This course takes everything I know as a Sake and Face Yoga Instructor, combining the most effective face muscle exercises and connoisseur tips.


I've distilled it into an on-demand, fun, and practical bite-sized course to help fellow Sake and Wine lovers to drink well, fell well, and look well, all naturally, without the use of chemicals.


Delivered with love from an UN Official turned Sake Yogi

(Sake Lecturer | Master Sake Sommelier | Face Yoga Instructor)




If you’re a Sake and Wine lover, looking to feel well and look well, while you enjoy your beautiful drink...


then, you already know that Sake and Wine are treasured crafts of humanity. I would even say drinkable art!


But before I tell you about the program, let's talk about who exactly this program is for.


You are a sophisticated drinker and already know that it's quality over quantity - most of the time!

Life is short! You could sometimes over-indulge, which is totally human! 

Sometimes, you might enjoy yourself so much and find yourself feeling exhausted the next day with dreadful eye bags.

You believe in the power of holistic, natural methods. This program is based on drinking, feeling and looking well without chemicals. 



If this sounds like you, I'm so happy that you are exactly in the right place! 


Because that's exactly where I'm coming from. We have lots in common, fellow Sake and Wine lover!


More on this later below, but let's start with a quick look what's inside the program. Namaste and Cheers!





A Proven, Step-by-Step program to empower you to enjoy your drinks, feel well and look well. 


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5 Modules with over 30 mini bite-sized video lessons (each just 3 minutes to get you to the point fast!) to empower you so that you can drink well, feel well, and look well!


There's even a smart phone App that comes with it, so you can also learn on the go, if you like. 


Not to overwhelm you, each video lesson is an average of 3 minute each,  so that you can quickly get to the point and get the value out of the trainings.

Some also come with  accompanying PDFs as supporting documents so that you can deepen your understanding of the module when necessary.


This is a one of its kind, brand new course.  As we refine the content based on people's feedback, and re-launch at a higher price point in the future, you will always be automatically getting access to the upgraded version, without any further charges. In fact, we will be including a couple of more Face Yoga poses shortly.


See what others are saying about Sarika Group's Face Yoga

(Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been pure joy working with such fantastic people. How lucky! Namaste.)


Suzanne Vian (USA), Founder, Yoga Vietnam Studio

“Sarika is such a gift to the world and one of the most interesting women I have ever met. I will never forget the day I met her. She is an unforgettable woman and so full of great energy. I have spent a substantial amount of time with Sarika as a friend, student and fellow teacher. Her laugh and awesome sense of humour will keep you engaged- she is a mesmerising teacher and draws students in with her sheer love of life and incredible enthusiasm in all she does.

Sarika brings a wealth of knowledge to her students in her most interesting courses on Face Yoga. I am lucky to have her on my team of teachers and as a friend in this life. Simply put, she is a good person, and humble soul! I love Sarika! Namaste, Suzanne."

Angélica Renée (USA), Founder, Green Luxury Living


“Sarika took my community on a virtual trip to Japan by revealing to us the amazing world of sake and face yoga. She was so engaging and pleasant, we had a wonderful time and learned so much! I absolutely love how her passion for both sake and face yoga come through when she speaks about them, and her dedication to highlight the women in the sake industry is commendable. We both share a love for sustainability and it was wonderful to learn of the many sustainable practices for creating sake today, especially by female brewers! I've been practicing the face yoga poses we learned and I already notice a difference after a week. So grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from you Sarika!"

Belinda Abraham (Canada/Germany)  Regional Program Director, Thrive Networks

An Empowering Perspective on Beautifully Aging: I had the pleasure of taking part in two of Sarika’s workshops in Hanoi, Vietnam and left both times feeling positive, having had a good time, learned some things about anatomy and the aging process. In our Western society which is so focused on youth, it’s nice to see an alternative approach to aging which focusses on practical fun exercises which strengthen facial and neck muscles. The theory part, lays out some basic information on anatomy, anthropology of universal facial expressions and how language influences how we use our facial muscles. The second part focussed on practice with some basic exercises to support strengthening vision and addressing wrinkles and sagginess around the eyes, while others exercises focussed on contours around the mouth and neck. As we all know the virtues of physical exercise, the workshop emphasized the importance of facial muscles exercises for all ages. I enjoyed the sessions and time to time find myself practicing a pose or two in the mirror! "

Face Yoga Method


My great teacher, Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method founder, has kindly featured me as one of her instructor 'success stories'. You can read it on the Face Yoga Method website here

*I learned all the Face Yoga poses through Fumiko and her Face Yoga Method, as well as through her Japanese Association, the Face Yoga Association International, led by Mutsuko Takahashi. 

Jovana Louis (Haiti/USA), Fashion Designer, Jovana Louis 


Face Yoga may look like a joke, but it can bring surprising transformative emotional and physical benefits. Learning to strategically release facial tension, in fact, releases the tension and stress in our minds. It can even soften facial wrinkles! Face Yoga brings a sense of happiness an empowerment through increased facial oxygen and blood circulation, laughter and enhanced facial expressions. Thank you, Sarika Sarika for this great method of relaxation. I feel Fabulous!"

Elizabeth Fleming 

(El Salvador)


“​It is amazing how face yoga helps to reshape and tone your face, re-train the muscles to be more relaxed, and be aware of how much tension you carry in your face. I definitely recommend.

Claudia Marinzi (Italy), Interior Decorator


“​It was great to participate in Sarika’s Face Yoga workshop! For me, it was such an amazing discovery to realize what we can do to tone and lift both our faces and our spirit! Sarika is such a talented woman and simply being in her company makes your day happy and serene! I highly recommend attending her sessions! Don’t miss out!"

Jiva Yoga Studio

(now Yoga Vietnam)

...Sarika has a profound love for celebrating life, and aside from her previous role working for the UN (women's empowerment), this incredible women in a Sake Master...

Sarika is such a blast to be with. AWESOME sense of humour, award winning laugh and the best vibes

NGO Hue Help Fund-Raising Workshop


Thank you to everyone who came today to have fun with Face Yoga. We raised over 8 million VND for Hue Help's Swimming for Safety Child Drowning Prevention Programme. Thank you in particular to our guru, Sarika Sarika.


Najla Ammouri, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor (Lebanon)


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Thank you to

Robyn McTague, Master Holistic Healer (USA)

@robynmctaguemhh on Instagram








A Proven, Step-by-Step program to empower you to enjoy your drinks, feel well and look well. 


Let's do this!


Sarika: A Quick Introduction

Sarika is the founder of Sarika Group, a niche consultancy focusing on Sake Education and Face Yoga.

Before she became a Sake Yogi, Sarika worked with the United Nations in Asia & Africa on women's empowerment and sustainable urban policy for a decade, after her Master of Science, London School of Economics. 

Keeping the same focus on gender and sustainability, Sarika now shares her love for Sake and Face Yoga, with special attention to small-scale, sustainable breweries and women brewers. 

  • Authorized Sake Lecturer & Certified Master Sake Sommelier, Sake Service Institute, Japan
  • Certified Sake Professional, Sake Education Council
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor, Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu
  • You can read the complete list of further certification on www.sarikagroup.org

In short, she has a solid track record of drinking Sake as a Sake Educator and always saved by Face Yoga!



Hello, fellow Sake and Wine Lovers!


We might have something in common. We appreciate the craft of Sake and Wine, and admire all the thoughtful dedication and energy that goes into crafting this delicious, drinkable art. 


I have decades of experiences enjoying my drinks. Well, sometimes, I have to admit -  with horrendous headaches, exhaustion, wreckage the next day! Some days, I wanted to hide from any mirror to avoid seeing any reflections of myself...


Going dry was never an option since I appreciate the craft of Sake and Wine so much. I am, after all, a Sake Lecturer!


I've tried and tested a whole range of methods from granny's superstitions to Face Yoga poses and tips from fellow Sake/Wine lecturers. Some with success and some with almost humorous, utter failure.


Over the decades, I've come up with my unique formula of empowering myself to drink well and feel well, combining my holistic background in Yoga and expertise in Sake and the alcoholic craft. 


I'm often asked by others how I do Sake tastings from 9:30AM and still feel and look well (thank you?!) , I always answer that it was through disastrous trial and error!


This course takes everything I know as a Sake Lecturer and Face Yoga Instructor. I've distilled it into an on-demand, fun, and practical bite-sized course to help fellow Wine & Sake lovers to drink well, feel well, and look well.


After this course, hopefully, you will never have to feel nor look unwell anymore, even after you fully enjoy your drinks!   


That way, we can also continue supporting the beautiful craft of Sake and Wine.


Namaste and Cheers! Sarika




Drink Well, Feel Well, Look Well


Face Yoga and Connoisseur Tips for Sake and Wine Lovers






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A Proven, Step-by-Step program to empower you to enjoy your drinks, feel well and look well. 


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