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Go on a Sake Discovery Journey in Warsaw!



With Sarika - Official Sake Lecturer & Master Sake Sommelier,

Sake Service Institute, Tokyo, Japan


Discover the Joy of Sake! Sake is a 2000-year-old Japanese national craft, steeped in history & culture. The journey will start with a delicious Sake!

And then, we'll dive into Sake Education (history, origins, production, ingredients, sake grades (premium vs non-premium), current trends, food pairing ideas, new breed of women brewers, and more). 

We'll also enjoy tasting other types of Sake: Aromatic Sake, Refreshing Sake, Rich Sake and Aged Sake. (Total 4 Premium Sake tastings from boutique breweries). 40ml * 4 tasting glasses.


After this 2-Hour Workshop, you will be armed with foundational Sake knowledge to enhance your next Japanese restaurant visit, deepen your understanding of one vital part of Japanese culture that is our 2000-year-old Sake. 

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. (Full name required in advance.)


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Sarika, 日本酒学講師 (Official Sake Lecturer & Certified Master Sake Sommelier/ Sake Service Institute, Japan) will lead a 2-hour workshop covering:

  • Origins and history of Sake
  • Understanding Sake labels
  • What temperature to drink which Sake
  • How Sake is brewed
  • Sake rice (It's not eating rice!)
  • Current state of Sake
  • Rise of women master brewers / and more.

Included in the Workshop:

  • 4 Tasting Glasses of Premium Sake with different flavour profiles to appreciate the variety that exists within Sake

  • Sake 1:  Aromatic Sake

  • Sake 2:  Refreshing Sake

  • Sake 3:  Rich Sake

  • Sake 4:  Aged Sake     

  • Certificate of Completion of Sake Education Workshop by Official Lecturer, Sake Service Institute, Japan

Sarika just taught the same workshop for the Polish Vodka Museum management & staff.

Optional: Official Sake Qualification, Sake Navigator issued by the Sake Education authority in Japan (SSI)

You will automatically receive a Workshop Certificate of Completion for attending the Sake Education Workshop, included in the Class cost. (As long as you fully attend from start to finish! :)

However, in addition to that, as I am authorized by the Sake Service Institute as their Official Lecturer, I can offer you the option to pursue the Sake Navigator Certificate, which is an official, entry-level Sake Qualification issued by the Sake Service Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

First, this is totally optional. You don't need to, but many participants in the past were interested in taking this option. Hence, I'm introducing the option to you also. 

Certificates include B5 Paper Certificate and a Plastic ID sized Certificate handy for carrying inside your wallet. Mailing time from Tokyo is approximately 2-3 weeks. Click the button below for details.

Yes, I want the Sake Navigator Qualification
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Sarika Sake Mission

1. To share the joy of Sake & Shochu

2. To support small-scale breweries & women working with Sake & Shochu




Sarika Sake Credentials

  • 日本酒学講師 (No.000456) Official Lecturer | Certified Master Sake Sommelier,  Sake Service Institute, Japan

  • 国際唎酒師  (No.116451) Certified International Sake Sommelier (English) 

  • 日本酒唎酒師 (No.031523) Certified Sake Sommelier (Japanese) 

  • 日本酒品質鑑定士  Certified Sake Quality Evaluation Expert

  • 焼酎唎酒師 (No.030172) Certified Shochu Sommelier 

  • 焼酎品質鑑定士 Certified Shochu Quality Evaluation Expert

  • Appointed Official Judge, 2020 Whisky & Spirits Competition, Tokyo (Appointed but unable to attend due to COVID-19!)

  • Appointed Official Judge, 2020 Féminalise World Wine Competition, Paris (Appointed but unable to attend due to COVID-19!)

  • Lead various Sake Education Workshops & - Certified by the SSI to issue Official Sake Navigator certifications to participants
  • Sarika Sake on Facebook: Here
  • Sarika Sake on Instagram: Here
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Official Sake Lecturers Listings at the Sake Service Institute (SSI), Japan

Sarika listed 


SSI Official Sake Lecturers List



First and foremost, we love Sake. We admire this delicious 2000-year-old craft, steeped in culture and history. 


We are passionate about sharing Sake, and spreading Sake appreciation to you and to the world.


In doing so, we pay special attention to support Women in Sake, who are often under-represented in the industry. 


While there are over 1200 Sake Breweries in Japan, there are only about 30 women Toji (Master Brewers). That is indeed a tiny percentage of representation! 30 out of 1200. They often work in smaller breweries, not in big name breweries with all the marketing power.


We love to support these women and their products by highlighting their contribution, purchasing their products whenever possible, and featuring them and their work in our Workshops and Consultancy.  

We also believe that good Sake not only tastes delicious, but is also made in a sustainable, ecological, ethical, and socially responsible manner. We love to feature good Sake in a holistic sense. 


  • Sake is a 2000-year-old fermented Japanese beverage, made with natural ingredients (mainly, rice, water and 'koji').

  • Sake was originally a sacred liquid, an offering to the gods for good harvest, made by mikos (temple priestess), but it evolved over the centuries to become a national beverage ("Kokushu").

  • Sake is delicious! Thanks to its unique feature called the Umami, Sake surprising goes well with a variety of cuisine, not just Japanese. (Rice being the key ingredient, just like how white rice goes with many things!)

  • Sake appreciation is increasing year by year overseas (good news!), but unfortunately, domestic consumption is declining (bad news). We hope to do our part to change that. 

  • Sake is so delicate. It spoils abruptly with exposure to sun, heat, and light (even fridge light!). It needs to be handled with so much care and love. 

  • There are 9 grades of Sake under the official classification. The majority (70%) of what is in the market is 'normal' (non-premium) grades of Sake. This is probably most people's first encounter with Sake. The  'Premium' grades of Sake only occupy only about 30% of the market.

  • Explore more Through our tailor-made workshops.

  • Sarika Sake on Facebook is here
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New! Women in Sake Project 


Highlighting Women Working with Sake and their Achievements and Contributions to the Craft

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Sake Story


Actually, I never really liked Sake all my life! (even though I loved all other kinds of alcohol!). That was until I tasted a local brew in Fukushima back in 2009. It was so completely different from anything I've tasted before. It was rather shocking to learn that Sake was this good! I had been missing out all these decades, declining Sake, simply based on my prejudices from a few bad earlier Sake experiences.


Since then, I quietly started my own sake studies, unofficially (visiting breweries and meeting brewers) and unofficially (obtaining Sake certifications). The more I learned and tasted, the more I did not understand (!), but I became so much more fascinated by Sake. 


Then, I learned that the domestic consumption of Sake is steeply declining and breweries are having to close every year. In fact, Sake, our 2000-year-old 'national alcohol', only occupies 7% of the whole alcohol market share in Japan! Quite a shock. It did not seem like this reality was doing justice to Sake.

I also became fascinated by women and women masters (toji) who work in this largely male-dominated industry. At present, only about 25 out of 1200 Sake breweries are headed by women tojis.

I wanted to share the beauty of Sake to my friends and others while also supporting women who work in Sake. 


Discover Sake with Sarika!

See Programs to discover Sake (Tasting and Discover, Get Certified as SSI Sake Navigator and more!) 


Articles:  (More coming soon) Journey to Sake

Published on the Special Women's Issue March 2020 Issue of Eye on Taipei Magazine

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Discover Sake with Sarika!

See Programs to discover Sake (Tasting and Discover, Get Certified as SSI Sake Navigator and more!) 


Past Workshops Samples


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