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Discover the Beauty of Sake & Support Small-Scale Brewers and Women Working with Sake

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Uplift Your Face and Spirits through Targeted Face Muscles Work-Outs

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About Sarika: UN official turned Sake Yogi


Sarika is the founder of Sarika Group, a niche consultancy focusing on Sake and Face Yoga.

Before she became a Sake Yogi, Sarika worked with the United Nations in Asia & Africa on women's empowerment and sustainable urban policy for a decade, after her Master of Science at the London School of Economics. 

Keeping the same focus on gender and sustainability, Sarika now shares her love for Sake and Face Yoga, with special attention to small-scale, sustainable breweries and women brewers. She also truly enjoys sharing the all-natural, effective face muscles exercises, that is Face Yoga!

She has travelled to over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe; Lived in 11 countries in 4 continents. She is a mother of two, and married to an Irishman. She loves to eat and drink.

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Sarika is a Sake Yogi sharing the love of Sake & Face Yoga:

1. To spread the joy of Sake & Face Yoga to brighten people's faces & spirits

2. To ultimately support small-scale brewers & women working with Sake


You may wonder what Sake & Face Yoga even have in common? Both are absolute Joy! 

They are: (1) All natural (2) So Uplifting for the Soul (&Face)  (3) Allows you to breathe in the 'Here & Now'.

What more can one ask for?  


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Sarika Sake & Shochu Credentials

  • 日本酒学講師 (No.000456) Official Lecturer | Certified Master Sake Sommelier,  Sake Service Institute, Japan

  • Official Lecturer, Food & Beverage Organization (FBO), Tokyo, Japan 

  • 国際唎酒師  (No.116451) Certified International Sake Sommelier Kikisake-Shi (English) 

  • 日本酒唎酒師 (No.031523) Certified Sake Sommelier Kikisake-Shi (Japanese)  

  • Certified Sake Professional, Sake Education Council
  • Graduate, 2021 Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association, Sake & Shochu Academy
  • 日本酒品質鑑定士  Certified Sake Quality Evaluation Expert

  • 焼酎唎酒師 (No.030172) Certified Shochu Sommelier 

  • 焼酎品質鑑定士 Certified Shochu Quality Evaluation Expert

  • Certified in Wine Level 1, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)
  • Appointed Official Judge, 2020 Whisky & Spirits Competition, Tokyo (Appointed but unable to attend due to COVID-19!)

  • Appointed Official Judge, 2020/21 Féminalise World Wine Competition, Paris (Appointed but unable to attend due to COVID-19!)

  • Lead various Sake Education Workshops
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Sarika Yoga Credentials

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor, Face Yoga Method

  • Certified Advanced Face Yoga Instructor, Face Yoga Association International, Japan
  • Certified Face Yoga Instructor, Face Yoga Association International, Japan
  • Lead various corporate and private Face Yoga workshops including the United Nations International School Adult Education Program, Fund-Raising Workshop for NGO Hue Help at the UK Ambassador's Residence, Guest Instructor at 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings multiple times, corporate staff training sessions, and many more.

“Sarika is such a gift to the world and one of the most interesting women I have ever met. I will never forget the day I met her. She is an unforgettable woman and so full of great energy. I have spent a substantial amount of time with Sarika as a friend, student and fellow teacher. Her laugh and awesome sense of humour will keep you engaged- she is a mesmerising teacher and draws students in with her sheer love of life and incredible enthusiasm in all she does.


Sarika brings a wealth of knowledge to her students in her most interesting courses on Face Yoga. I am lucky to have her on my team of teachers and as a friend in this life. Simply put, she is a good person, and humble soul! I love Sarika Hussey! Namaste, Suzanne."


Suzanne Vian, USA,

Founder, Yoga Vietnam Yoga Studio

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Thank you to the great organizations & people below for having Sarika Group

(More in the pipeline! Exciting times ahead!)

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United Nations International School Vietnam

Face Yoga Workshops for Adult Education Programme 3 consecutive years & facial expressions training for Administrative Staff

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Polish Vodka Museum

Sake Education Workshop and Sake Navigator Certification for Polish Vodka Museum Management & Staff

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Japan Program

Virtual Live Sake Education Workshop, January 2021

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Yoga Vietnam Yoga Studio

Guest Teacher, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 

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Harvard Business School Asian-American Business Association

Virtual Sake Education Workshop 


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NGO Hue Help

Fund-Raising Face Yoga Workshop for Drowning Prevention in Vietnam, hosted by the UK Ambassador's Residence

(8 Million VND raised)

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Taipei Community Services Center

Sake Eduacation Workshop & Face Yoga Workshops 


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Sol Art Space

Sake Education Workshop for Sake connoisseurs in Taiwan

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International Ladies Vietnam

Face Yoga at the Monthly Meeting with 60 members

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Artist Fumi Furuta

Sake & Tapas Pairing: Sake Education Workshop in English & Japanese

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Maison de Tet Decor

Face Yoga Workshops at Nourishment Day and at Maison de Tet Decor

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