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Sarika is a United Nations official turned Sake Advocate and Yogi.

​Before she discovered Yoga and Sake, Sarika worked with the United Nations on Gender Equality and Urban Policy in Africa and Asia for a decade. She was recruited through the United Nations Competitive Recruitment Exam, and holds a Master of Science Degree from the London School of Economics, focusing on Urban Housing Access for Women-Headed Households in urban, low-income settlements, Philippines and Ecuador.

She has travelled to over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe; Lived in 11 countries in 4 continents. Speaks English, Japanese, Spanish. She is a mother of two, and married to an Irishman.

Sake & Yoga Credentials:

  • Official Judge, 2020 Whisky & Spirits Competition, Tokyo 

  • Official Judge, 2020 Féminalise World Wine Competition, Paris

  • 日本酒学講師 (No.000456) Official Lecturer | Certified Master Sake Sommelier,  Sake Service Institute, Japan

  • 国際唎酒師  (No.116451) Certified International Sake Sommelier (English) 

  • 日本酒唎酒師 (No.031523) Certified Sake Sommelier (Japanese)  

  • 日本酒品質鑑定士  Certified Sake Quality Evaluation Expert

  • 焼酎唎酒師 (No.030172) Certified Shochu Sommelier 

  • 焼酎品質鑑定士 Certified Shochu Quality Evaluation Expert

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor, Face Yoga Method


Suzanne Vian, USA

Founder, Jiva Studio Vietnam

​“Sarika is such a gift to the world and one of the most interesting women I have ever met. I will never forget the day I met her. She is an unforgettable woman and so full of great energy. I have spent a substantial amount of time with Sarika as a friend, student and fellow teacher. Her laugh and awesome sense of humour will keep you engaged- she is a mesmerising teacher and draws students in with her sheer love of life and incredible enthusiasm in all she does.

I am grateful to have Sarika on staff for my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as running workshops, coming again this Fall to my training center, Jiva Studio, Saigon. Sarika brings a wealth of knowledge to her students in her most interesting courses on Face Yoga. I am lucky to have her on my team of teachers and as a friend in this life. Simply put, she is a good person, and humble soul! I love Sarika Hussey! Namaste, Suzanne."

Belinda Abraham, Canada

An Empowering Perspective on Beautifully Aging

I had the pleasure of taking part in two of Sarika’s workshops in Hanoi, Vietnam and left both times feeling positive, having had a good time, learned some things about anatomy and the aging process. In our Western society which is so focused on youth, it’s nice to see an alternative approach to aging which focusses on practical fun exercises which strengthen facial and neck muscles. The theory part, lays out some basic information on anatomy, anthropology of universal facial expressions and how language influences how we use our facial muscles. The second part focussed on practice with some basic exercises to support strengthening vision and addressing wrinkles and sagginess around the eyes, while others exercises focussed on contours around the mouth and neck. As we all know the virtues of physical exercise, the workshop emphasized the importance of facial muscles exercises for all ages. I enjoyed the sessions and time to time find myself practicing a pose or two in the mirror!  

Jiva Studio 

Jovana Louis, Haiti

Fashion Desginer

"Face Yoga may look like a joke, but it can bring surprising transformative emotional and physical benefits. Learning to strategically release facial tension, in fact, releases the tension and stress in our minds. It can even soften facial wrinkles! Face Yoga brings a sense of happiness an empowerment through increased facial oxygen and blood circulation, laughter and enhanced facial expressions. Thank you, Sarika Sarika for this great method of relaxation. I feel Fabulous!"

NGO Hue Help Fund-Raising Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came today to have fun with Face Yoga. We raised over 8 million VND for Hue Help's Swimming for Safety Child Drowning Prevention Programme. Thank you in particular to our guru, Sarika Sarika.

Jiva Yoga Studio

Sarika is such a blast to be with. AWESOME sense of humour, award winning laugh and the best vibes - SV

Claudia Marinzi, Italy

​It was great to participate to Sarika’s Face Yoga workshop! For me it was such an amazing discovery to realize what we can do to tone and lift both our faces and our spirit! Sarika is such a talented woman and simply being in her company makes your day happy and serene! I highly recommend attending her sessions! Don’t miss out!

Elizabeth Fleming, El Salvador

It is amazing how face yoga help reshaping and toning your face, re-train the muscles to be more relaxed and aware of how much tension you carry in your face. I definitely recommend.


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