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F A C E  Y O G A   


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Lift Up your Face & Spirit!

By strategically working out the 57 facial muscles that are under-exercised, Face Yoga enhances oxygen and blood circulation on the face. (All that flow!) Improved facial circulation leads to a brighter face - and even brightens your outlook!

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Soften Wrinkles: No Botox Needed

Face Yoga can help soften facial wrinkles by stretching and toning the 57 facial muscles. It strategically gives a work-out to the facial muscles so it becomes stronger and more resilient to gravity and wrinkles. Just the same way people exercise body muscles! Face Yoga is a natural, low-cost, sustainable alternative to chemical injections or invasive surgery. 

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Break bad facial habits

You may be unconsciously frowning and holding tension between your eye brows, forehead, and teeth. Your body and mind are so interconnected that these bad facial habits are actually causing you stress in your mind (and manifesting as unwanted lines on the face). Face Yoga brings awareness to how you are using your facial muscles and breaks these stress-inducing facial habits.   

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Relax your Face, Relax your Mind

We tend to hold so much tension on our faces, without even knowing it (teeth gritting, frowning, wrinkling eyebrows). When we let go of the tension on our faces, we can also let go of tension in the mind. Fascinating but true! 

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Happy Hormones

Similar to Laughing Yoga, Face Yoga brings a sense of happiness and relaxation. When we lift the corners of our mouth and smile, it releases endorphins, the “happy hormones”, which is also contagious. It’s been scientifically proven that Happiness is good for your health!

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Better Facial Expressions, Better Communication

As we break bad facial habits (see above), Face Yoga can enhance facial expressions, a vital component of better non-verbal communications, leading to better inter-personal skills.

Sarika Face Yoga Credentials

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Face Yoga Method Instructor, Face Yoga Method

  • Certified Advanced Face Yoga Instructor, Face Yoga Association International, Japan

Face Yoga Track Record

  • Various corporate, group, private and fundraising Face Yoga courses held since 2014.
  • Face Yoga Fundraising workshop at the UK Ambassador's residence for Vietnamese NGO Children's Drowning Prevention (Raised over 8 million VND)
  • Face Yoga courses at the United Nations International School Community Program (3 consecutive years)
  • Featured as 'success stories' of Face Yoga Method instructors.
  • Face Yoga Instructor at Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, and more
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Source: Official Face Yoga Association, Japan Youtube Channel



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